TESACOM is a company committed to providing our customers with end-to-end communications solutions “right there” where they require them. In order to respond to the varied requirements from our users, we resort to multiple providers and technologies to match the specific requirement, and among other solutions can provide satellite voice transmission services, data and text messaging, positioning and monitoring services, electronic mail and file transfer, network integration and develop added value applications and software solutions.

Integral solutions

TESACOM has built up a corporate organization that surpasses the concept of “Service Provider”. Constant investment in Research and Development together with an operational structure by industry enables efficient evaluation of market demands allowing us to respond as a provider of custom integrated solutions “right there”, where our customers need them.





  • Ausenco team performs various tasks related to the mining industry and oil and one of the priorities of work in all areas , is safety , so it was decided to buy the SPOT messenger. These equipments are used by staff in field tasks and allows to keep monitored traveling employees. The environmental area , which is where I work, we do field performs tasks such as surveys of flora and fauna , water quality monitoring and air and soil remediation tasks . Projects are often far away from places with high density population. The provinces of Argentina where we usually work are Santa Cruz , Chubut , Mendoza, San Juan , Salta , Jujuy. These fieldwork often involve traveling many kilometres in areas where there is no cell signal , and no way to communicate. The SPOT messengers are useful to the person in charge of logistics, so he can monitor us during the trip. We use SPOTS in track mode throughout the trip and every 2 or 3 hours send an OK for the person that tracks is aware of our every move.
    Juan Martin de la Reta, Coordinador Area Patagonia, Ausenco
  • Thanks to the communications equipment developed by TESACOM and implemented in the medium tension telecontrol system, we reduced the duration and number of power outages (SAIDI) by 24%.
    Edesur Telecontrol Department
  • The great blizzard which hit Santa Cruz on June 5th 2014 trapped the Cerro Vanguardia personnel for 26 hours in the busses which were transporting them, with no possibility of reaching San Julian due to overturned trucks blocking the road. Thanks to TESACOM’s satellite telephones, we were able to stay in constant communication with the mine and the head offices in San Julian, reporting on an hourly basis the situation of the convoy that was caught by the snow storm and requesting the supplies we required to wait out the storm. With the telephones we were never alone.
    Antonio Castro, officer in charge of Supplies, Transportation and Logistics in Cerro Vanguardia



CNN Chile interview, on the use of satellite technology for agribusiness

The General Manager of Tesacom Chile, Daniel Malaiu , participated in the CNN program “Agenda Agricola”. He talked about the benefits of using satellite technology for agribusiness. Furthermore, he presented products and solutions that helps in interoperability, connectivity and they make more efficient processes in the field. Visit our YouTube channel to access the interview…

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Interview to Engineer Santiago Nicolet

Santiago Nicolet Engineer , Project Directorat Tesacom , participated in the radio program “Observatorio del Trabajo” . He went to dialogue about the added value provided by the Satellite Industry for communications and connectivity. We share the interview with you and take the opportunity to thank Lic. Juan Domingo José Palermo and Ing. Virgilio Moscoso…

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Internet International Day

Tesacom has a challenge, and its making easier your day to day, providing facilities and services in the most inhospitable corners, for you to be and stay connected with the world. Tesacom provides access to internet everywhere you are, with Tesacom you have the opportunity  of being connected in a different rail of the communication,…

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